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Cultivated Reef has been getting a lot of positive reviews around here recently. I decided over Thanksgiving to take advantage of the Black Friday sale and see what all the fuss was about.


The positive reviews are very much deserved. I received larger frags than I ordered. In fact, the only one where they actually gave me the right number of polyps/heads was an orange ring echi--literally every single other coral had extras. In addition, I got a freebie Tyree Space Monster paly! Holy cow! These guys' inability to count reminds me of a certain other vendor on here...but for coral, instead of snails!


Most of the corals were open in their shipping bags, and after acclimation, everything is in the tank and appears very happy.


Since both my photography skills and my camera are sub-par, I will not insult their beautiful livestock by trying to take pictures of it. Instead, I'll just say that everything looks like the pics on their website, and that all the z/p varieties I ordered were correctly-identified (something that has been a real problem for me with other online vendors in the past).


I've ordered from numerous online vendors since my most "local" LFS (excluding Petco and Petsmart, which are terrible around here for sw) is more than half an hour away, and overly-expensive at that. So far, my experience with Cultivated Reef has been the best time I've had with an online vendor. Period.


I will definitely order again.

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Cultivated Reef

Reviews like that make our lack of counting worth while :D


Thanks again Mr. Buck!

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