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JBJ 28 External Refugium/Sump Question

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I am planning on adding a external sump/refugium to my established JBJ 28 gallon. Since it is full of livestock i don't want to drill the tank.


Any body have experience with attaching an HOB overflow to the JBJ?


Or experiences with external sump on a JBJ?



I am thinking of a small 5.5 gallon sump/refugium with some baffles to compartmentalize it. Like anyone else I am just worried about the varied flooding situations that can occur. If possible i would like to make a flood proof system.


Any help or suggestions would be great.


Thanks in advance.

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No experience with the JBJ. But it should be possible depending on how far you want to go to add a HOB overflow. A drilled type overflow will generally be safer from flooding than a HOB type.


To make any real difference you should try to increase the fuge size to around 20% of total tank volume. So a 10g would be better than a 5g.


I just drilled my BC29 and added a 15g sump with half as a fuge. It is a pain I know. But more piece of mind for me that the HOB doesnt air-lock and cause a flood.



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