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ID please--growing everywhere, encrusting little pest...


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What is this? These things are growing everywhere, even my overflow box...and what can I do to get rid of it? They grow in little circular clusters in random places all over the rocks...even in between polyps sometimes.


They look to be an encrusting sort--and the polyps do retract when I tap on it.


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Thanks 19jeff, these aren't hydroids--they're encrusting...I think they are Pocci spawns :(


However, I do also have a few hydroids--tips on how to get rid of those?

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Manual removal is really the only way I know. Also I think you guys are rite about the porities. Why not keep it. Some people pay to have it in their tanks.

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Do you have a mother colony of Pocillopora in your reef? Idk how to get rid of them. Im waiting until mine branch up then I will frag them.

Not all pocillopora branch. Some are just encrusting.

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The one green pocillopora I have is branching. That's the one that has started to pop up babies around my tank, is there a chance they will only encrust and not branch?

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I hate the stuff. Spawned in my biocube. Everywhere. I have a love hate for this coral because of it.

Had a patch on the back wall that was about 3" x 3" which just encrusted and that looked cool. Everywhere else it started growing branches. I eventually got rid of it one way or another.



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