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The Front Desk Tank


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Its getting ridiculius. I want MOAR FISH in this thing! But they want to pick them out. I wanna just order some stuff and show up with reciepts. Thats how the rest of it got done.

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So i put a quad t5ho fixture on this tank yesterday. I also added about a basketball sized clump of various macros from my home tank's fuge. My friend broke down his ten gallon and i reaped the benifiets of that. I put the corals from his tank (leather, xenia, green bumpy mushrooms, button palys, and a candy cane frag) in the front desk tank.

There are no timers yet and the clinic will be closed until tuesday. I left the actinics on untill then. Fingers crossed they wont cause too much biological fuss. Pictures to come :)

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Dentist and Doctors are horrible people. They display these tanks in their office and then drag all the innocent children into the reefer addiction. well thats what happened to me at least. The girl in the arch is already thinking about what she wants for her birthday and it isn't a pony. :P

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Lol the girls in the picture are my daghter and one of my step daughters. We went to the arcade after picking up my money dolars from the clinic ;) .


And the yellow tang idea is a good way for me to pitch a new fish purchase! I actually just did a massive prunning of this tank. But this tank needs some yellow and some pruning help would be a bonus.

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Lol the girls in the picture are my daghter and one of my step daughters.



How about a yellow prawn goby? It's still yellow

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Yeah but then I would be almost copying my stocklist in my home tank. This tank could definately use a couple of sand sifting type fish though.

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Went to check on the tank today and found that the smaller clown had decided to take the "nemo filter ride" to freedom. Lol




Did a water change and added two tangs. Looks like a real tank now!


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Still going through some early tank stages. Its taking longer than my other tanks to get past the diatoms. However those tanks were started with cured rock and were tiny compared to this one. I added two cheap powerheads to try and get some more movement in this thing.

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Been battling some aggressive diatoms for awhile now. And the tank has been on the backburner since the flying season started. I recently added a BRS dual reactor that just has carbon in one chamber for now. I need to order some GFO. I actually changed as much of the sandbed as I could (65%ish), because I feel the sand was feeding silicate to the diatoms. I let everything settle down for a week or so and they still had a strong hold. So I turned the lights off two days ago wich has shown immediate results. Yesterday a did a 40 gallon water change. The lights will come back on tommorrow, however the weekly light schedule will be reduced by16 hours when the timers kick back on. I hope I've got the upper hand finally.







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Oh also you'll notice that it took the powder brown all of two days to completely scour the tank of any plant life.

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I'm actually about to donate my massive bubble coral to this tank if I get everything sorted out.


Well you knew that before you put him in there.
Yes but I vastly under-estimated its appetite lol. I've been supplementing it with trimmings from my fuge at home.
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Diatoms seem to be on the decline :)

Fish are fat and healthy :)

The secretaries seem to have a hang of feeding :)

The bubble is theirs (kind of) :(

They got a starfish :)

They got a sweet ass torch :)

The tank no longer embarrasses me :)

Still haven't tested water for anything other than salinity. Ever...


Just sayin



Pictures after adding the star and torch today. Can't wait to see the torch fully extend


That silly star was standin on its head.


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I suppose I could get some gsp out of my tank and add it. I just haven't put my hands in my tank in so long lol I hate disturbing things.

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They seem to be declining or atleast holding steady for now. The new light schedule is helping a lot. I need to get some more flow in the display and stay ontop of water changes. I think I'm over the hump though.

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