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Tips and Tricks on Creating Amazing Aquascapes


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Totally outstanding article ! Best tutorial using art as a design foundation for aqua scaping.

I do have a question. I plan to,use dry live rock from BRS for my 30 gallon RSM. When your finished design is glued, epoxied, etc together, did you also attach it to the egg crate, and lower the entire design into the tank at once, or did you just use the egg crate as a base while designing the structure, then mounting the finishes rock section on the bottom of the tank before adding sand?


Thanks again so much for one outstanding educational experience!

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hi, thanks for this! any tips for a circular cookie jar tank? right now i have 2 large pieces and one medium. the 2 kind of are like 2 towers, starting from the middle of the "back" and one comes toward the front at an angle from the left and one from the right. then the mid size one sits in that space created in front of them, closing it off, so kind of like a triangle. but i'm not sure i love it. any thoughts? you can see here (except currently, the rock on the right is reversed so the tall point is now on the right instead of the center): http://www.nano-reef.com/topic/334008-advice-for-noob-on-cookie-jar-pico-reef/

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Utterly brilliant article. Thank you so much for taking the time to write it up!

Couldn't agree more! This was a great read and should help a lot when I get ready to set up my next tank (hopefully soon).

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Wow old thread - but good content! Fortunately I think that over the past 3-5 years there has overall been a shift toward more aesthetically appealing tanks. Not many "rock wall" or "pile of rocks" tanks are still around. Not to say those styles can't look nice but I like this theory better.

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Another thing I do think is important (not sure if it was mentioned), is to purchase rock that can be used well to create a seamless looking piece while using multiple pieces in it. I've seen some people use rocks and I can't see how you could possibly make an appealing aquascape with it as it will always look as rocks stacked on top of each other that don't fit together well.


Without proper dry/live rock, it's almost impossible to do what this article explains so well.

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On 9/27/2012 at 5:35 AM, VeganBrian said:


Hello, I firmly believe that the same rules apply to any size tank. The only difference is going to be scale. Instead of huge rocks break them up to create a smaller version of the beautiful reef tanks you see. There's other things to try to still get that "look" In a cube the issue is theres not enough length to do multiple structures. Thats when you only do one. Rule of thirds still applies but only use one intersected point instead of two.



Here is a great example. It is only on one point with one main structure. notice the movement and shapes of the rocks. Great play with shadows and highlights. If you look at the one structure they still managed to hit two intersecting points. Thats what makes this look go good to the eye. Make sure to "taper" off the structure for that same Depth of field you need to aim for, also for maximum coral space :)


This is exactly what I've been wanting to create but just can't do it. I think part of it is the wrong type of rock. I have that dry rock (Reef Cleaners/Marco Rocks). 


Or probably cause I just suck at aquascaping! :haha:

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Thank You! 

After many years way from Saltwater tanks due to large and growing family and some health issues, I re- read this post and have been inspired to

finish my 34 Gal Shallow Reef, I have all the equipment  and supplies on hand, was just being held up by aquascape.


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1 hour ago, ffoott said:

Looking for input on my scape...not quite sure if it follows to principles explained.

Personally, I probably wouldn't have added the white rock (that looks like a boxing squirrel).  Yeah, I don't think any of my tanks follow the principles. :mellow:

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Am about to begin scaping my upgrade in the next week or so a 275L cube.


Have been looking for inspiration on the net and think I am going to aim for something like this.... cannot decide between them right now anyone care o share some advise or help please xx








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