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OCReef Nano 5/7/8g Any Reviews?


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So I'm in the market for a pico to get back into the hobby and have started a spreadsheet for all the pico options out there and I stumbled upon these by OCReef. I'm actually only about an hour away from them in San Diego so I was curious if anyone has had/seen one of these? They come in 5/7/8g come with a BeamWorks 11" 9x1W LED clamp on light, skimmer, etc. looks pretty sweet. But I haven't found any actual photos/reviews of it yet, i think it's pretty new. I'm not sure if it is, but if it is I'll post a link, here's a photo.



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I have a beamsworks light 6x3 watt led fixture and it is super bright. the one that this tank has doesn't put off as many lumens (per my research) but would work for basic softies. the blue is SUPER bright and gives two blue lines down into my aquarium

this pic is just with the beamswork light with the other light off.


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Do you have a ring of surface mount LEDs around the light too? Bummer the colors dont blend together better. I know the light won't be that great, but so far out of all the picos, this one has the best "out of the box" light. I will most likely either run a PAR bulb or a custom fixture anyways I'm more curious about the tank itself, skimmer, etc. The BeamWorks 15" one at 60w looks pretty awesome, curious if anyone has any experience with that too.

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