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Hichiking Mollusks. Good or bad?


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More surprises on the new eagle eye zoas I got, some sort of mussels and/or clams


That one above you can see its tongue thing, if you look close


Those two are the same one, next one is different



Some ids would be greatly appreciated!

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I was told that they can move around but haven't seen any of mine do within over a year. I had some spawn I Guess and have tiny ones in a few other places now too. In the ocean they produce an acid like substance and bore into the rock, but for some reason they don't do it in aquariums. The most they ever move is depending on how they are attatched.


Some of mine are circularish and seem to sit "up right" and open up and down, making little movement while other ones are oval ish like yours seem to be, and have a sort of foot/tounge that they push out with and open after a pivot like movement. I have never seen any MOVE though.

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