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Camera gear storage


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How does everyone do it?


I'm looking for a better solution than what I have right now, which is: spread out across three shelves in my closed, commingled with random computer gear and several dozen bottles of aging beer.


EDIT: just to clarify, I am really looking for suggestions about home storage (i.e. not in the field). To those of you who suggested backpacks, is this your home storage method?

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They sell cases for just about every respectable camera. They are a bit expensive, so what I've always done with my higher end electronics if they weren't being used, has been to purchase a sturdy yet soft insulated lunch box. Get some plush/ firm foam (usually black and has "hills" in it and cut it to fit both the lunch box and to accommodate the equipment snuggily.


A quick trip to Walmart for the lunch box and Walgreens/Michaels/ a craft store will be the cheapest way.

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Well Sir, your sig line reads like that of a man that appreciates good glass. Good for you. I bought this backpack for three reasons:

  1. It holds all of the gear I'm likely to use
  2. It keeps my gear ready to grab and go on short notice
  3. The zippers are water resistant

I just can't say enough good things about this bag. It might not hold all of your gear, and it doesn't for me, but like I said, it covers the primary glass and two speedlights.

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Everything fits in two bags. I have a large Domke bag (love it), where my 60D, lenses, and flash live. Each lens has its specific place. I can always return them to the same spot, so I can reach into it to quickly change lenses at weddings. All my video lights, microphones, coldshoe mounts, audio recorders, 450D, and ring flash go in the backpack.


When I go hiking, I mount the 70-200, and throw my other lenses into the backpack for better portability.


The backpack is a lowepro bag with stowable rain cover built-in. Comes in handy when protecting my non weather-sealed lenses.


Took the 60D to an alligator farm with my 70-200 on it. It rained on me. Felt cool to not have to worry a bit about water damage. B)

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