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Is this a worm or eel?


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Could someone tell me what this is? I noticed it in my live rock two days ago. It’s black in color, has a mouth like an eel and a raised like fin on the top of it’s head. Light sensitive and almost becomes flat when spotted. It’s in a smaller piece of rock I added a few days ago.


watch in HD Video1


Watch in HD video2




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It's not a peanut worm... It looks like it could be an eel.. its really hard to see but in the 2nd video when it moved like that... try spying at night when lights are out for a few hours and see if it's out more for better pics.

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I didn't even notice the second video, sorry. Touch it, is it hard? It looks like a bivalve. Basically, its a little clam. I have tons of them, and some of them have little "teeth" looking things around where the shell comes together.


heres a pic of one I found on google. http://www.marineaquariumsa.com/imagehosti...06ea356ebde.jpg I'll take a picture of one of mine tomorrow, my lights are off.


And not necessarily with eels being totally omgimgonnaeatyourhead. I work at aquarium and in our main exhibit we have ten eels all with hundreds of small fish. They hang out by them all the time, and a lot of people even keep fish with their eels in their home tank.


Regardless, I would bet a thousand dollars that what the OP has is not an eel.

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Wouldn't an eel have tried to take a snack out of the shrimp when it went by? Even as small as it is, an eel would have acted predatorial...

I had cleaner shrimp kill any eat an eel.

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It's a little bivalve of some sort. You can see it snap closed half way through the second video and clearly see both parts of the shell in the photo you posted. The little thing on top of it is probably a bit of algae growing on the shell.

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Op, I think the problem is that you have really crappy videos with a somewhat okay picture and 20 different people are trying to I'd 20 different things.


Take a new close up picture and try circling it to help us help you.

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