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Tunze 6015 vs Hydor nano 425


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Wow so I just got my 6015 in the mail today. Ironically, my lady picked up a small Koralia to add some flow to her 60 hex. All I gots to say is OMG!


First off, I ordered the Tunze because another member said it was only slightly bigger then the Koralia. Seriously this thing is twice the size of the Koralia! But size does matter. The Tunze puts out way more flow then the Koralia. The Tunze is rated I think at about 476gph and the Koralia is rated @ 425gph. The Tunze was a little more expensive but whos counting nickels anyway?


Both start & stop quietly. I currently have them both in my tank to see what I'm going to do. The Koralia mounts solid w/ a joing magnet & suction cup however it is a little hard to position the flow. The Tunze has a solid poweful magnet and it's mounting system allows you to point it at any direction.


So I'm thinking, who the heck wants a giant pump looking all tacky in their tank? I'm considering putting the Tunze in my wife's tank (freshwater) and purchasing a second Koralia and running them both in my tank.


Damn, why the Vortech gotta be so expensive!

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