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2 coral IDs


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So I ordered these corals from saltcritters. 1 is a peppermint acan. The other is a mystery coral. But the thing is I can't figure out which one is my peppermint acan. I thought acans are suppose to be soft to the touch, but they are both hard. I had them shipped next day air and none of the bags were cloudy indicating a dead coral. Help?





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Thank you. Now, does it look healthy to you? I was under the impression that acans are suppose to be soft to the touch, not hard. And is it okay that it looks a little mangled or is that normal for a frag? All acans I've seen are like oval in shape.

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their tissue is soft to the touch when they are puffed up and healthy.

underneath that they have a hard skeleton


lol sorry but its not supposed to look mangled

I sell frag so just from my experience it looks like it was cut recently and who over did the cutting butchered it


dont fear though. acans are very hardy. if you take care of it and feed it ( brine / mysis) it should bounce back and fill in; it will regrain its original oval shape

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Thank you for the info! Very helpful and informative :) do you think in this state it will still release it's sweeper tentacles (I think that's what they are called) at night so I'm able to feed?

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Even if it's tentacles are not extended you can still feed it. just use a pipette or baster or whatever and just place some food (mysis or brine or minced shrimp or squid) directly over the mouth and it will take it. Only small pieces and flow must be pretty low or non existent when it's eating. These guys are hardy and will repair and grow new heads more rapidly when target fed a couple times, or at least once per week.

If you keep feeding at a particular time each few days the coral will learn and be ready with extended tentacles in no time. also your fish may pick up on this too so you may need to be sneaky and lure them away from your acan.


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Perfect that works for me. I have brine, mysis, and squid to feed my acan and other LPS corals. I might try spot feeding them tomorrow. I don't have a fish, not just yet, so I don't have to worry about him stealing food but thanks for the heads up!

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