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Innovative Marine Aquariums

sps id! thanks!

jonny roks

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Top one looks like a purple bonsai acropora based on the color. Would help if the feeder tentacles were not washed out color wise in it. If they are green then that is most likely what it is. The second is some kind of encrusting montipora like a sunset but again the color from the photo is hard to tell.

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top one is bright green polyps, vibrant purple with a green/yellow encrusting base


im under the impression the second one is some sort of branching sps, i dont beleive its a monti like sunset. the top was snapped off during a local reefers move.






i know it sounds crazy but a local sold his apartment [on the water overlooking manhattan $$$] and was in the process of moving and the movers cracked his 100+ deep dimension rimless tank and posted it all for free on the site, an hour after posted so many people thought he was bull####ting. I called..


i went with a buddy and picked up 200+ lbs of PREMIUM rock and 17 mini colonies of sps. 3 clams, a giant sump, 7fish and tons of inverts, and some gorgs etc..some of the sps was broken during the trip and some were outside of water for hours and bleached./..not sure what a bunch of them are just yet.


all of my years of being a good person paid off. lol


The guy was leaving for London the following day and was screwed. ive never seen such a drained look on someones face. The guy was heartbroken and i dont blame him.

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Good score for you and it is too bad for the poor guy.


As to the bottom one... If its snapped off then my guess is a acropora of some kind as well. It may surprise you and turn out to be a pink lemonade one if you are lucky. If not its going to be a yellow and brown acropoa. I am sorry but I don't remember the name of it. It is not one of my favorites but many do like it.


As to the first one... It's either a Garf Bonsai (his name for it) or possibly a tri color acropoa. Either way a nice find.

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Sorry if I was confusing.


He sold his apartment and was moving into a new place in the same area. He was moving into a walk up an they cracked it trying to carry it up the stairs.


It was an Elos 120.


He was going on business the following day to london. He was stuck.


Really feel bad for him, but everythig went to a good home

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