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Stagnant shmagnant


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I feel bad for those of you who have trouble trying to get rid of zoas or palys.


August 13 I placed some zoas in a clear bowl with dirty water change water to bring over to a neighbor. I forgot about it and ended up going out to dinner. Obviously, when I got back it was too late to stop over and drop them off, so it had to wait until the next day. Low and behold, I forgot again. Rinse lather repeat a few more times, here I am, 25 days later.


The bowl was covered in Saran wrap that first night to help with evaporation and a tiny fold to let some air in. It was placed near a east/southeast facing window with temperature fluctuations ranging from mid-high 60's, all the way up to mid 90's if not higher sitting in direct sunlight covered in Saran wrap.

One partial water change (~15%) was done so I could use some dirty water to break in my new skimmer. The water was replaced with "clean water" that was sitting in an unsuitable water holding jug for weeks in my hot car. Phosphates must have been through the roof according to the hair algae growing inside of the rodi water.


Did I dose anything for some extra nutrients for them? Well, an asterina star died the first 3 days in the bowl, and at one point an ant crawled in and drowned. I guess that could have introduced some stuff.





Just thought it was somthing interesting I would share.

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That's really amazing :o

I'm wondering if I should see how long it lives once winter comes around where it is now or if I should put it near one of my bedroom windows where it's a bit warmer. Either way, keeping this for a month in no flow whatsoever and no filtration makes me wonder how they can die in shipments. I also thought these zoas never ate anything when I fed, but there was a decent amount of "poop" on the bottom of the bowl the first week. I think it all just disintegrated.

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I like this thread. Thanks for sharing. Just goes to show that you can sometimes let things go a little and your corals may actually be ok! Now . . . back to my WC schedule. ;) W-

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Just like the Honey Badger, Zoanthids don't give a ####. :lol:

The Honey Badger?! I design Game Day dresses for Southern girls. Let me tell you when the Honey Badger was kicked out my phone did not stop ringing. My stores wanted LSU dresses shipped early to help boost team spirit. :lol: Kaching.


So Pat. Zoas=Aiptasia=Palys. Good to know.

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...and at one point an ant crawled in and drowned. I guess that could have introduced some stuff.


Im not sure why but this sentence makes me ROFLMAO

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I like them. Is that basically how your style is? ( sorry I don't know the actual terms).


Is it a direct from you thing, or can it be found in stores somewhere? No, I will not be the one wearing it, don't worry.

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after 39 days, the lonely zoanthids got a new friend. An aiptasia. Let's see which is hardier. I've included some pictures, as the water is starting to have sort of a yellowish tint and is producing bubbles, although no sign of algae. As I'm typing right now, it is 63* with the wind blowing in off of the bay through the window. (I'm freaking freezing yet the coral seems unbothered).


I have not checked on this since the last time I posted here so i have no idea when the bubbles began to form.


Here's the "nutrients" chachew :lol:


Dead ant and dead asterina



Still a little open after being walked around in sloshing water.



Edit:I thought the water was turning yellow... It's not. The Saran wrap is yellowing while the water is forthe most part, perfectly clear.


Little aiptasia buddy. Day 1.



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HAha. I'm none too worried about spreading aiptasia at this point in my tank, so when I saw one in my glass I just scraped it with my turkey Baster and squirted it in. I'll check on it in a week and see what's going on.

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Day 49:


Zoas are mostly closed and some are partially opened, but still full bodied. The water has a thick "ew wtf is that" consistency. They seem to have a red fuzzy coating all over there purple base. The aiptasia is looking puny, but attatched right where I squirted him in. Windows been open until the day before yesterday, with temps outside varying from mid to upper 50's to the high 70's



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