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Powder Blue Tang


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I heard that Powder Blue Tangs are known for getting ick and is a common problem with keeping them in a reef tank? Is there any truth to that?

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Most tangs are susceptible to ick if they are not given adequate space to swim, given a good diet, or are introduced too early to a reef tank.

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Powder Blue tangs are unusually susceptible to ich as compared to most other tangs.


I feel it is in the luck of the draw. I have had many powder blues not survive quaranteen, but kept on trying untill finally one was healthy from the start. I have had this one for 6 years now without any problems. Hes a pig and eats everything. DOnt even think about getting one without a quarantine tank.


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Keep in mind powder blue tangs are surge zone tangs so they need big tanks, high flow, and constant grazing. A lack of these will cause stress to a PBT more so than any other species (except achilles), which weakens the immune system and makes them more susceptible to ich (or any other diseases) if it's present in the system.

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