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Hey nano reef, i am an addict and ive been hooked to keep on going, I will be starting a new build soon and this thread has come to an end. The most important thing I can say that I learned from getting a small tank is dont. You might as well get a bigger one the first time because bigger is better! So with this tank being close to being dismantled I would like to show some current photos of this tank



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Like the 'scape and clowns! Here are the other Nuvo 16 owners on this thread (including mine) that I am aware of in no particular order :) We need to stick together, ya know!


allan's http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=306614

TSwift's http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=307942

Dr. Acula's http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/index.php?...=307740&hl=

temet vince's http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/index.php?...307848&st=0


What filtration are you running? Looks like you have some algae- do you have a clean-up crew?

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Yea I have my clean up crew, the growth happend from leaving my lights on too long so now I've been running them for 4 hours instead of 8. Timers are a great help when your at work lol. As for filtration still running stock baskets and have been making my own carbon,and phosphate pads and have a mechanical filter pad where the water enters the second chamber to "polish" the water and it has been really clear ever since.

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Nice aquascaping and your new light looks great. Should be good for anything you put in. I've got an IM 38 gallon Nuvo.


I noticed the thermometer in your first picture looks like it's reading 84.9 degrees? That's running hot for any corals and even the clowns. Might want to dial back the temp some.

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Can't wait till this stupid heat is over!!!!! :angry: I am going to have to relocate tank downstairs since its reaching well over 100 degrees out here in Cali and with the earthquake the other day it's having me think twice about having it upstairs.

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AI sol is here!!!! Got some new corals will hopefully have every thing setup and have pictures up by this afternoon, I am super excited as of right now :D

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so I havent updated in awhile but ive been busy trying to make my set up clean and organized,AI SOL is mounted using a T shaped light hanger I made out of copper and I really like the way it brought everything together. Also removed like 2 lbs of LR felt it was cramped. lost my peppermint during the move which sucks because he removed an aiptaisa I had and felt he gained his position in the tank due to everyones mixed thoughts about peppermints going after aiptasia or not. Here are some pictures of the new setup










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still have this tank for now I currently added two small maxima clams that I got from my sps guy.As of right now I have 14 sps frags in my tank and all doing well.

List of SPS:

x2-spaghetti tort?
ice fire enchinata
Green slimer
pink and green pocilopora
rainbow stylophora
Joe the coral
garf bonsai
purple acroberry
Sapphire millipora
Sunset millipora
tyree Tri color valida
tyree flower petal capricornis
tyree Pink lemonade

I know I have a huge ass aiptasia on the right rock it will be getting torched this weekend. Also tank isnt very clean at the moment : )


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Update, Managed to keep tank alive after a really bad batch of water from lfs which is a shame but I have found a replacement shop I will be making trips to more often.Most of my sps have bleached but are slowly regaining their color back.Just added two rainbow anemones that were going to be a part of another build but maroon clowns were too aggressive to let them even settle in so I took them out and put them in this tank and all I have to say is wow did they take off.



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Sorry about the terrible phone pictures,will be getting a new camera for new build









SPS Anemones,Torch and Clams



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