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manado live rock

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I am checking to see how much of this manado lr do you think I would need for a 50 G cube.


Also checking to see how the present stock you have is in terms of quality.

I just opened an account tonight and purchased one 30# bag of reef flakes.

I will want to place this order soon after I hear back from you.

Can you also tell me the rate of shipping overnight and 2nd day as well.



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I work remotely, away from the Premium shop, so I can't tell you exactly how the current stock of Manado looks. Last time I visited the shop was the last weekend in May, about 3 weeks ago, and there was nearly an entire pool full of beautiful, colored-up Manado. That's one of the nice things about the Manado source - they always send mainly coralline-encrusted rock in great shapes and sizes. For a tank your size, you could probably go with about 30 - 40 lbs for a nice stack, as the Manado is NOT a dense, flat rock - it has wonderful shapes that lend themselves to creative stacking... You can also put the dimensions of your tank in the order notes, and they'll pull pieces according to your dimensions.

You'll need to call one of the CSRs at Premium to get the remainder of your answers. They can help you with the shipping rate - typically, if you're in a 1-day or 2-day shipping zone, they'll recommend using ground shipping rather than expedited. It saves you a ton of money on the cost, and they pack it well with wet paper wrapping so that there's minimal chance of losing the rock's cure.

Thanks for signing up and becoming a customer!

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