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20 gallon 270 degree view

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standard 20 gallon tank. 8 gallon sump/fuge. 120 watt led light, 150 watt heater, 280 gph return pump with a very short overhead (the sump is right beside the DT), 500 GPH powerhead, basic skimmer from my old 56 gallon that pumps water to my fuge, 25 (ish) lbs of LR. The tank is simple and pretty much build off left over parts from my 56 and 110.



I think so many people make nano tanks WAY too complex. The first year I ran this tank it had no sump, no skimmer. It was only a 50 watt heater small t5 fixture and a small powerhead. I wanted a tank to sit between my dinning room and kitchen, thus making a the goal of designing a tank that can be viewed from 3 sides. This has created problems with aquascaping and coral placement, but I think I have it looking pretty awesome now. Soon to add SPS...


Stocking List

misbanded Clown (hes almost a semi picasso and hell I got him for 19$....hes a cool looking clown!)

Bangai Cardinal (that is going in my 110 as soon as I can net him)

Yellow nosed Dracula Gobe

cleaner shrimp

assorted snails and hermits

tear drop maxima clam

squamosa clam



sorry I took the photos with my Iphone and the quality sucks!!







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Very nice clams an tank.

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