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Placement of 10gal...


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Howdy folks,

I am going through the process of deciding where to locate my tank, and running into a few bumps in the road. I want to have it located on the first floor, somewhere with a lot of foot traffic. However I run in to several problems, all the good spots are already taken up by my other stuff, and my mother isn't being very helpful (can't blame her, she's put up with so much, I used to have a veritable fish farm in the basement, and now there is an egg incubator in the kitchen.... among other things). One of my only choices it seems is on my computer desk. The reason I worry about this, is I tend to play rather loud music/games. Would the bass vibrations etc. bother the reef? I wouldn't normally do this with a fw tank, however will the vibrations annoy the inverts etc? Thanks for any input.

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Christopher Marks

It might not bother the tank at all, but I'm sure it would be somewhat stressful. Is there anything that you can move to your computer desk and place the tank where it was?

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The computer is mine.... so it is kind of my area. There are not many other places to put it...

There might be one other place... on top of a radiator (it has a metal encasement). It probably wouldn't effect the heat of the water at all if I put it on an insulating type cusion...

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I have a nano sitting on my 'puter desk and it's great, in fact on of my speakers sits right next to it.... normal listening levels, normal for a 42 y.o. grandfather, well a pierced and tattooed grandpa who likes hip-hop and metal... is fine. Pump it up and your fish and crabs won't be too happy.... apparently the folks are more easy going, hehe. Try headphones, eh?


And as far as the radiator... well I wouldn't... If there the big cast iron monsters and still are functioning, think back to Dec./Jan.... remember how HOT, yes HHHHHOOOOOOTTTTTT those things got. I can imagine you might be able to get enough insulation under the bottom of the tank to not cook it, maybe.... but what about all the heat coming up AROUND the thing???


(P.S. Your parents are angels.... hope you know that, what the hell kinda eggs you got in the kitchen anyway?????)

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I think I'll end up going with the computer desk (good viewing locale). I'll probablys switch to headphones... I don't think they would appreciate my subwoofer.

The radiator is one of the metal monsters... however it has a metal frame around it. It gets warm in the winter but not hot, again however I would still be worried about it.

I am currently incubating 4 gold dust day gecko eggs, and 1 giant day gecko egg (usually come in pairs... but this is their first time breeding...).




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