Oh Snap its another Bio-Cube 14g Thread!


This will be my first post on NR forums, I have lurked for a while but finally thought it was time to join in on the community!

Thought this would be the perfect place to finally start a "journal" of sorts for my escapade into the nano-tank world with my BioCube 14g project! I have my tank going now for about two months (received the tank off of craigslist about 2-15-12. The tank itself seems to be doing good as of right now.



- Bio-Cube 14g

- (about) 20lbs Live Rock (much of it transferred from my dad's mature tank)

- 15 lbs "Live" Sand



- 100ml Purigen pouch

- Hydor Koralia Nano 425

- Hydor FLO Rotating Water Deflector

- Marineland NJ900 Maxi-Jet Submersible Utility Pump (yet to be installed)



- Pair of Anemonefishes

- Sixline Wrasse

- 2 Small Hermits

- 1 Scarlet Hermit

- 1 Blue Knuckle Hermit

- Misc. Cleanup Snails



- Xenia

- Zoanthids

- Green star Polyps


Some Pics:




Tank-shot about a month ago.






Oh yeah chilling like a champ!


New pictures of mods once I get my camera back! :lol:

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Looks really nice! I love your rock set up. Looks really good so far.

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Thanks! I like it so far. I really like having the rock on top with a hole in it, its kind of like a cave.

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