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jbj 28g LED intermediate light issues

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I have the 28g nanocube LED stock lighting and have had issues with the daylights now two times in the past month. When I turned the lighting on for the first day..the daylights went out. I called JBJ they were great and sent me a new hood. I upgraded my powerstrip just in case and started using the new hood they sent me....it has been running for about a little under two weeks and just blew again...The moon lights work, the fans work, but the daylights went out. I smelt a burning smell this time....I will be calling JBJ but in the mean time...any suggestions? Does this happen often?



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This just happened to me today! I was sitting in my office, where I keep my JBJ 28g Nano LED Intermediate, when I heard a pop as the daylight LEDs went out on my aquarium, followed immediately by a burning smell. Moon LEDs and fans still work. My tank has been running for about 2 weeks....


How long did it take to get a replacement hood?


Sounds like a fairly common problem with the JBJ 28 LED Interm.

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