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Zoa ID

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I know how difficult it is for zoas to be IDed, especially when it's us who photographs them improperly. But, I bought this zoa last year, was waiting for some coloration to happen, and here it's stayed this color...not like what was sold to be as. A zoa is a zoa, but would love to know what kind it is. I bought it from Pacific East.


First photo is with the regular lights on it...the other I added flash (which showed a bit more color). Sorry for the poor photos. For the record, I won't say what names I have over here...for I don't know which it could be anyway...lol. I saved three photos of zoas, only one zoa survived (my fault in lapse of water changing).


Anyway, lemme know your thoughts.



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cant see all that well on the picture.... maybe orange bambams or orange dreams, but i am probably mistaking

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Looks like a teal colored star on the face. No crazy name that I know of.

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Ok ok...it may help you guys anyway with the few names I have. I have Green Eye Zoas, Periwinkle Zoas and Pluto Zoas...none looks like this. Well, the green eye zoas kinda...but there's no green eye at all. I don't think a zoanthid can literally change color from shipping to getting in my tank. These zoas been this color since I got them.


Here's a few photos that was given to me, all in order as what I wrote above.




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