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saltcritters order arrived

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just got my saltcritters order, had intended to do an unboxing and take some comparison photos, but of course my camera died... so will have to take pictures later. Placed an order for a bunch of 5 dollar sale items (not wysiwyg) one favia, one blasto, 2 zoa and a 3 acans. Since i am in the same state i ordered with ground shipping. everything arrived great looking and packed well. Drip acclimated for about 30mins, did a 5 min dip in coral rx and placed in display tank. Acans already open, zoas starting to open up. favia looks great. I have to say for not wysiwyg items the coloration looks pretty identical to what you see on the website. the baby fund is my favorite of the bunch with the bazinga in second place. Zoas were to keep the wife happy, got some pinks and some yellows. I'll update later with pictures but i have to say, very promising so far. I have a feeling i'm going to be ordering again in the future. Just great looking colors, very impressed.

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all i can say is i wished i had ordered more.. unemployment is putting a cramp in my coral buying.

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Wish I could have placed an order. I caught the add too late and didnt want to pay for overnight shipping with Saturday delivery. LOL Hope another sale happens soon. Id love to get my hands on some Acans.

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these guys are just absolutely gorgeous. its the first time i have been 100% happy with getting the exact coloration i expected in an online order. Blasto is starting to open up some. pink zoa is still all closed up and havent seen an feelers on the favia. Camera battery is on charger and i'll snap some pictures once the lights come on tomorrow.

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just wanted to add the update with pictures I promised, second order from saltcritters is also arriving today.






solar eclipse, has lost a few polyps on top, and grown a few more on the sides since this picture was taken, havent found a spot where they are 100% happy.



Favia, and mars red and bazinga acan, pink zoa in upper left, never opened ended up melting.




three favias with the closed pinks



blurry pic of the baby fund








will update this post with my next order when it arrives,



Assorted War coral Frag

Saw Breaker Leptastrea Frag

WYSIWYG True Prism Favia

Darth Maul's Brother Zoanthids

Pink Frost Zoanthids

Xmas Favia Frag

Cup Coral Frag

Yellow Scroll Coral Frag

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