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40g to a 10g

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my parents have decided they no longer want two 40g tanks in the living room, so I have to decide between downsizing or getting rid of one of the two. I'd originally decided to get rid of my reef, but I'm starting to consider just downsizing it to a 10g.


I'm thinking that I would use the following equipment, all of which I have already:

aquaclear 50 filter

Ocotpus BH-100F skimmer

18", 36watt T5HO

possibly a koralia 1 if I need it


currently, the only fish I still have in the 40g is a falco hawk. I'm probably going to try keeping him in the 10g, and will see if it feels too small. he'd be the only fish, and if he turns out to be too much for the tank to handle I can always rehome him.


does this sound like it would work? I'd be doing weekly small water changes of a few gallons, and I'd probably get an ATO to deal with evap.

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Not sure why you wish to down size to a 10g. I would just stay with the one 40g tank and move your best rock corals etc over to it from the tank you strip down. But hey its your call.

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The better option is to move from two 40G to a single 300Gallon. That way you still fit under the 1 tank rule. :D


I don't know what the two tanks are, but if one's a reef and one's not, I'd keep the reef and ditch the other.


If you're set on ditching the reef, I'd take a look at a 20G, you could probably fit a lot of your coral in it, and would give your falco hawk more room as well.

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