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Glass holes overflow

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I'm looking to drill a mr. Aqua 33.5g rimless and since it's going to be like 4ft from my bed I want to know how loud they are. I'm not entirely sure what kit I'm going to go with but I'm thinking I need to go bigger than the super nano. Anyone with first hand experience with these overflows please chime in.

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To keep an overflow silent, you have 2 options.


Run it at full siphon with 2 or 3 overflows, or vented at about 20 - 30% flow (non-siphon flow).


Full siphon on 1in PVC is more than 1300 GPH, and you have to have a backup overflow as your in-fluent must be slightly more than the siphon to keep it fully submerged.


Vented flow on 1in is about 700 GPH. If you can keep your return pump in the 175 - 250 area, you can often get away with a very quiet overflow. This stays quiet because the water flows down the outside of the drain tube creating a channel of air in the center. If your return pump is too high, it collapses the air channel and you get a toilet or gurgling sound every few seconds.


Check this article out: http://www.beananimal.com/projects/silent-...low-system.aspx


The standpipe basics give you the concept behind a silent overflow no matter what type it is.

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Thanks for the info, i had looked into the herbie method before but i thought if the glass holes kit was quite enough i could get away with it. My issue is i was hoping to buy a pre made overflow box just because i wanted it to look perfect, with the herbie style i think the glass holes boxes are too small to accommodate the hebie method, i could be wrong though.

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