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Leather stalk red and white patches

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Here's a photo of my toadstool, he's had these red/white patches near the base of the stalk for as long as I can remember. The upper half looks pretty normal and he still opens up fully.


I'm a bit suspicious of what looks like it aiptasia just behind it. I'd need to get in a bit closer and move some rocks to see it properly, is it worth looking into?




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I'd say that that was aiptasia tentacles rearing their ugly heads just behind your toadstool. So yeh it's probably worth looking into...

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the reds probally the coral battleing algae over a long time and the white is probally decay or something eating on it like a starfish


You can brush away the red with a soft small cosmetic brush but id be more worried about the white area.

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I moved the rocks for a closer look, definitely aiptasia behind it. Had a go at injecting it with lemon juice last night and this morning it's still not re-appeared so I think I killed it!


I'm pretty sure the big white patch at the bottom was there when I got it, which was over 6 months ago. It is unsightly, though. Is it possible to cut the stalk in half? I know people usually frag by cutting the cap...

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