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18" Square Nano

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Here is my 18" Square 14" high nano tank



Rimless 18" Display tank

14" cube sump

Custom Built Cabinet

Ecoxotic LED light

1x Panorama Pro 12K/445nm

1x Panorama Pro 445nm Blue

1x Stunner Strip Magenta

1x Panorama Pro 8000K Sump Light


2x Hydor Nano Pump

Hydor Smart Wave Controller

Hydor Nano Skim

Phosban Reactor running Phosban and carbon

ATO running Kalkwasser



Pair of Black Clowns

Yellow Coral Goby

Fire Goby

Bi-color Blenny

2x Bangaii Cardinal

Pacific Blue Tang

Red Line Cleaner Shrimp

LPS and softies only




Edited by pmaytona

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very nice.

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Very nice!..How long has it been running?

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Guess I'll be the one to do it: That tang need to be out of there soon. It's common knowledge in the community that it's not good to keep them in anything less than 4 feet in length.


Other than that though, that is one great tank!

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Yup I know tang is not supposed to be there but he's just there temporarily as its only 2" and will be moved to my 60Gallon tank eventually. Thanks for comments

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