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Cladiella expiring?

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Hi All,


I have a once beautiful Cladiella sp. that seems to be crashing almost overnight. It was once full and magnificent, throwing off branches that attach and grow themselves (I trade them for stuff at the local LFS, Boston area members may have them for free if you pick them up). Those branches are all flourishing but the parent is a horrible blue-grey. it looks like a branch that has been without light for a while. Only change to tank are two Acropora (they are not too happy but doing adequately), params are all good.


Is this a cyclical issue that will just go away? I have leathers that seem to get moody off and on. Could it be the neighbors? There is a Euphyllia downstream that is getting bigger and is close but not touching as far as I have seen. Are the Acroporas emitting something? Again, the parent colony is the only one suffering.


Any suggestions are welcome. I can post pix if that helps.


Thanks to all, Mike

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A short update... The coral seems to be shedding a layer of mucus and showing a hint of it's old color in a few small spots. I siphoned it off (having read that such sheddings can irritate other corals) and am hoping for the best.


Your experience is welcome,



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