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BulkReefSupply Reactor where to place?

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Im about to but a BRS reactor 2 part for carbon and phosban and was wondering which chamber i should put the pump in? I have a 3 chamber system the return area with a bubble trap and fuge with live sand and some LR and macro and then the return and im not sure which the pump should go in. was kind of thinking the return would be best since its the last step before going back to the tank but not sure.




this is the reactor



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Also wondering if i should use biopellets instead of the GFO

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Anyplace you like really, Return area would be a good spot.


Stay away from bio-pellets in small systems. They need a very efficient skimmer to work well, something nanos can not usually offer. Stick with the GFO.


Also take note that BRS GFO calculator is really high on what they tell you to use. You can usually do half of what they tell you. Start with low amounts and work your way up.

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Alrighty sounds good and ya this is gonna be for my 75 gal with a 29 gallon sump so not so nano lol.

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