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Cleaner shrimp . Mysterious spot!

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Hi guys! In urgent need of some help here!


Ive had these two cleaner shrimps for about 5 months, and they have been at the peak of health.

But today suddenly while re-aquascaping a bit today I suddenly noticed that one of my cleaners had this strange unknown spot/blotch or lesion.

His behavior is fine, he does not seem in any kind of distress and is acting completely normal, just like any other day.

Water parameters are all fine, and my cleaners have no prior history of health issues during the entire 5 month period.

And I have not added anything at all to the tank, period, since then, no livestock, no rock, nothing!

This mark seems to have cropped up out of nowhere in the last 24-48 hours.


Specific gravity: 1.026

PH: 8.3

Alk: 9 dkh

Calcium: 400 ppm

Magnesium: 1350 ppm

Ammonia: 0

Nitrite: 0

Nitrate: 0

Phosphate: 0


Would be really happy if someone could shed some light on this, thanks!



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Covered my bases and posted on multiple places.


Bob Fenner at WetWebMedia thinks that its environmental possibly an iodine deficiency.

Most likely not a parasite, which kind of was my main concern.

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