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FS: 70g set up

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im selling my entire fish tank setup minus the rodi. Its a 70g tall tank with a 20g sump. It will come with the following items, and I'm asking for $900.



Quiet one pump 4000

two koralia wave makers

Bermuda aquatics skimmer model BPS-3C

two heaters

a light fixture that has, one 250 metal halide bulb and 4 36w T5, its a no name brand ebay fixture but is really nice, has fans and leds in the fixture as well

Also comes with black wood stand and matching hood that I built


Live Stock:

sand sifting sea star

red sea star

green manderin

yellow tang

flame angel

two clown fish

six line wrasse

two cleaner shrimp

at least over 70 different snail for the cleaning package

blue maxima clam

small urchin

at least 70lbs of live rock

40lbs live sand

mangroves and other algae in sump



three different types of polyps

wall hammer

branching hammer

finger coral

green purple tip birds nest


exenia tree

one unknown sps brown and purple color

and I think a looking frag Stylophora Coral


If you have any questions just text,call, or email me. 215-534-0203, dheaney18@gmail.com

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I may be interested in the clownfish. What kind of clownfish are they and how old/big?

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they are both ocellaris clownfish but one is a parshall bared

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bump, I really need this gone. willing to work with the price

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I'll sell just live stock if thats what you want.


All live rock and sand, coral and fish. $300

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equipment, tank, stand, sump, live rock, and canopy are all for sale still.

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No one has asked, ive been sending people pictures through text, its a little easier


and why does it matter how many post i have?...

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