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RSM 130d led upgrade question.

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Hi guys/gals,


Ive been away from these forums for some time. I started with a biocube hqi about a year ago but after 4-5 months of owning it I had to part with it since I wasnt home very often due to work. Now that I know I wont be going anywere for work I've decided I wanna get back in this rewarding hobby. So here is my question, I decided that I wanna get a RSM 130d this time around but first im going to buy all the add-ons that I want to add to tank before I actually purchase the tank. Such as intank media basket, tunze skimmer, mp10 vortec and several other goodies but the 1st one im buying is a led upgrade from rapidled http://www.rapidled.com/red-sea-max-130d-d...e-retrofit-kit/ if I buy this kit would I still be able to use the stock timer and switchs that come on the rsm?? Thanks in advance.



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