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DIY PVC overflow for 10gal

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So I just put together my first 1/2 inch PVC overflow using a video on youtube. It came out great but during testing it wasnt keeping a suction and stopped draining the main tank. Even though I think this is from air leaks from the overflow not being glued yet, I am worried one day my tank will overflow.


How reliable are these things? im getting nervous to put it in my tank


this is the video i used,

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I can't see the video (@ work) but in general relying on a siphon is a bad idea.. What do you mean "stopped draining the main tank"?


A siphon isn't necessary and the overflow should still be working fine... If it's not then there's something wrong (maybe the return pump is too powerful?)


If you're at all concerned set up a herbie drain... As long as it's set up correctly then the chances of an overflow are extremely low.

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That's a good idea. the larger pipe acts like the boxes for those standard overflow.

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In my experience the key factor to using a overflow is to make sure the overflow is sized correctly to the flow your running. Obviously you will have your tank overflow if your running more flow than your overflow can handle, but the thing that most people don't think about is that you will have bubbles get trapped inside your U-tube if your running your overflow to slow. This will cause the overflow to fail eventually and you will not know when. There is not much to worry about if you run correct flow.

I like this style, but regardless of the style you pick the best thing about this one is that he drilled the U-tube section and put a check valve in it, so it's very easy to get it started and if your ever worried about air bubbles in your U-tube you can just suck a little water out and make sure there is no air in the U-tube.


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