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Red Sea Reefer

BTA for my BC29

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Next week I will be getting an order from alpha corals, 2 snow onyx clowns and a green BTA they host. Just wanted to check to see if there was anything else I could do to improve chances of success.


My current set up is BC29 topless with fluval 306 canister filter (BRS carbon/GFO/Purigan/Seachem matrix) MP10, Kessil LED,Tunze skimmer, Apex light.


Tank has been up 5 months but I switched rock out 1 month ago. I was not happy with my rock from the LFS. Current rock is Marco Key Largo that I cooked/cured/and cycled with dr. Tim's for 1 month before I added it to the tank. This rock has been in the tank for 1 month.


With the addition of the canister filter I have chamber two wide open so I was planing to have a chaeto basket fabricated to fit all of chamber 2. I will also start dosing microbacter7 to compensate for the additional feeding the BTA will require.


I'm on vacation now. Return tomorrow and will rework the aquascape. I need to take 20% or so out as the current scape is just to much rock, I don't have acces to the sides of the tank and fear the BTA will claim home in an area I can't feed it.


My tank is all LPS coral now. No other live stock. What else should I do to prepare for my BTA?

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i would put that foam sleeve over the mp10 so your BTA doesn't decide to commit suicide

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I ordered 3 more sleeves for the mp10. It won't be able to commit suicide. I just don't want to kill it.

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mike c   

Your set up sounds good. BTAs arent that bad when it comes to feeding. You only need to feed it a half, to a whole silverside once a week. I used to feed mine a 1/2 every 3-4 days, and it grew big, fast! If the BTA is already hosting the clowns (prior to you recieving it), keep an eye on it during the first week or two of being introduced to your tank. It might deflate, not eat, and look like crap for a while. Just make sure the clowns dont wear it into exhaustion (by rubbing, and going crazy in it), during this vulnerable time.


When it comes to placement, try and put it in an area where the flow of a powerhead (or return), is blowing across the top of the BTA. Say about 2-4 inches above the mouth. This will increase the chance of it staying in the area you want it. Feed it small amounts at first. Like mysis. If the BTA accepts food right away, even better. It will hopefully decide, this area has flow that will bring sufficient food.


If the BTA decides to hide, dont worry. They're known for hiding deep in rocks to get away from too much light, to split, or just when acclimating to a new tank. It will come out when ready. Matter of fact, it it does hide, dont feed it. Unless it look really bad. If you feed it while its deep in the rocks, it may think its a good spot to get food, and never come out.


Heres a couple links with good info...




(PART 1) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RAzow43JuV4

(PART 2) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xTXVVzS4AbM...;feature=relmfu

(PART 3) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kp-tPD8WJ_M...;feature=relmfu

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mike c   
Thanks for the tips mike. That's more than I would have got from my LFS


No problem. Make sure to post up some pics when you get it. I want to see those clowns in a Green BTA! Dope!


BTW, heres my Percs in the RBTA, before I sold it.



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