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Ecoxotic 445 Stunner or 445 Module?

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I added 12k/445 Blue Ecoxotic Pro Module to my existing Marineland Reef Capable LEDs. The tank looks great ! The Ecoxotic module is sooo bright. I ordered the dimmer so I can adjust the power in the morning and evenings. Looks like my corals like it also however I would prefer more bluish color of my tank so that the green corals really pop up so the obvious decision would be to add a blue light. I have a choice of 445 blue stunner or another Pro module - 445nm Blue but having already quitre a lot of power I am not sure if the stunner is powerful enough to influence the overall look of the tank.

The stunner is much thinner and cheaper and the module is thicker and more expensive. I have a room for either.

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