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HDPE 2 Drum

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Went to Lowes. Picked up a 1/4 HorsePower Pump.


Attached PVC to the pump with multiple elbows with a downward angle.


Filled the drum with RODI water from my brand new Typhoon RODI system.


The pump got the water pretty warm, warm enough that i didnt burn myself when touching the water, but also warm enough to probably shower in.


There appeared to be some slime/residue on the side of the walls, and i could actually see that the water had evaporate a 1/2'' due to the heat.


The container was brand new from a container company, its a HDPE #2 15 gallon translucent drum.


Will this be safe to use moving forward? Should i be concerned about the pumps heat leaching the plastic?

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There's a lot of stuff that can leach out of plastic, but plastic is everywhere, and all of our tank hardware is made from it. Most creatures don't seem to have a problem with small amounts.


If you didn't clean the bucket with soap, the slime was probably a silicone based mold release agent applied in manufacturing. I think it's pretty safe, probably safer than a scrubbed out bucket. but I'm no expert. I just rinse and wipe down my buckets.


If you are breeding creatures, here's a biologist that had some problems with a trash can used for water:


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maybe just dump the water and pressure wash it/spray it out really good then wipe it down

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