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Petco in Morgantown, WV - Worth a Visit

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This store has become AMAZING, in both its saltwater and freshwater sections.


A few months back, I did some window shopping and noticed that a frag tank had been added, nothing special, and that there were many more items in the saltwater supply section.


On Saturday, I went back, and WOW. All the tanks are in such good shape, and the frag tank was much nicer looking. I scored 12-15 polyps of dragon eye zoas for $12.99.


Justin (the associate with whom I spoke) has several marine tanks in his home, and apparently all of the folks working in that area have at least one saltwater tank. This particular store is part of a "magnet" program, composed of only 5% of the chain's stores.


Best part: a lady was shopping with her child, 20g tank kit in cart, and was asking which saltwater fish they could take home today. Justin was guiding her away from that area as I walked away. Who knows how that story ended up, but how many times in a chain store would you actually see even that much knowledge displayed?

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