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Values like NSW

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I use the Red Sea "Sea Salt" in my soft and LPS tank 5 gallon cube.

Its values are:

calcium 410 ppm

magnesium 1230 ppm

alcalinity 2.8meq/l or 7.7dkh


I read NSW has calcium at 420 and magnesium at 1290.

If I would like to maintain it stable at those parameters what I would need to do?

I have the following integrators:

Nanocode A + B

Xaqua Magnesium

Xaqua Iodine and Fluorine


Thanks in advance for the answers!

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First thing- READ THIS:



These articles are like the bible of reefkeeping. I would suggest reading every important reefkeeping article. Then........



You need to make sure you know your salinity level. Values will be at 1.026 will be different from 1.025. To keep levels maintained you need to first get them where you want them. Then measure every day for a few days. Dont add anything during this time of measuring. See how much everything drops over the course of the few days and figure out how much per day your tank is consuming of each element by dividing the amount lost by the number of days. Then once you know how much is being consumed you need to add that amount every day. Funny thing is with softies and lps it is probably going to be very little.



The best way to determine how much to dose is to use a reef calculator. Problem is I dont know if any calculator has the products you currently own.

Here are two reef calculators:



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I know that site. :P It provides a lot of information about a variety of topics. I also like advancedaquarist.com :)

I tried to use the calculators you provided me, but they don't list the products I use to integrate.

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