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Clear Vaccum Tube ..What kind of plastic is it?

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Does anyone know what kind of plastic the aqueon vaccum tube is....id like to make a reactor out of it and just need to know what type of plastic so i can buy a sheet and glue...any experiences..


Acrylic is cheap but still too expensive and requires more work to build anything..Clear PVC is hard to find and only comes in long lengths..PVC is so easy to glue and work with.

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except for acrylic, I haven't been able to find any clear plastic that isn't made of HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) which basically can't be glued (but can be heat welded with the right tools). One of the best properties of HDPE is that it doesn't react with chemicals, but the downside is it doesn't react with glue either.


I've also wanted to make a reactor, and run into this problem. One solution is to find acrylic containers at thrift stores that were made for some other purpose, but are dirt cheap as used discards. I've seen a lot of those "as seen on TV" "Pasta Express" pasta cookers ($15 for two new on amazon) which are sturdy acrylic tubes, closed on the bottom, about 12" tall and 4" in diameter (2.6 qt.). Another option is to use PVC or ABS tubing (not clear) and just let it be a mystery inside, or make a mechanically clamped down acrylic top and get by with just being able to look down inside from the top. If you decide you don't need it to be clear, you can also convert a used (cheap) canister filter, which will already have a sealed removable top, hoses connections, and maybe a pump if you want one.

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