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New here and Nano build.

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Good day ladies and gentlemen, I wanted to introduce myself and start my tank build on this forum. My name is Robert and I'm from good ol Nashville, TN. I have owned two FOWLR tanks in the past, one 55 and one 10. That was 12 years ago and I'm now starting up a nano for my family to enjoy. After several weeks of research and some help from this forum I have most of the build figured out. It is as follows:


Just ordered custom cut glass from glasscages.com. It is a 15 gallon rimless made of 3/8 inch thick starphire on front and sides. I already have the silicon and a good friend who builds hot rods to help me put it together.


Lights are a T5 quad 24" 96 watt set up from Aquatraders.com that should be arriving any day.


For the rest of the build, I'm using an acrylic sump from my 55 gallon tank if I can get my ex-wife's mother to ship it to me. I haven't decided which overflow to use with it yet but it should be plenty big for a refugium.


Things in the cart that I haven't ordered yet:

Koralia Nano 425

TOM digital thermometer with temp alarm

Eheim Jagar 100 watt heater

Captive purity refractometer

API master test kit


These will be ordered after I sell my Gary Fisher MT bike on Thursday.


I'm trying to find a cheap stand on craigslist or I might build my own.


That's it so far but I will update with pictures of the aquarium build as it comes together. Thanks for your time and the great wealth of knowledge you all are willing to share.

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