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Will Zoanthid's reatach?

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I took a frag class a few weeks back and one of the eyes from the cut Dragon Eye frag was lose and came off during transit home. There is no substrate attached to this piece so I rubber banded it to another chuck of rock I had. Checked it this morning and it shows no sign attaching to the rock. He seems to be doing fine and opens everyday. I'm just going to leave it how it is for awhile. Can you super glue the eye directly to the rock without any ill-affect with the glue getting on the zoanthid?

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Super glue gel is what you need.


+1 super glue gel help it stick into the rock better but if it stay on and open with rubber band then no need to glue. It will grow and stick to the rock it self.

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just make sure you superglue the bottom of the zoa

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