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Bulkhead and return pump threading

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I'm pretty excited that I have drilled my 1500GPH overflow box in my new 100G tank successfully. My test's as to whether the glass was tempered or not are conclusive. It is not (the tank did not shatter). I am off to drill my (2) 3/4" returns in a minute but wanted to stop by and ask a quick question first.


How tightly should the bulkheads, returns and loc lines be threaded. I have done a test fit on them and it seems that without any pressure being applied they screw in about halfway. Should these fully seat? Especially the one with the Loc line on it. I would prefer to not have threads showing inside the tank.

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I explained wrong. Sorry. New to all this.


The bulkheads just drop in. I should have said "elbows" and loc line piece that screw into the bulkheads. When I screw them into the bulk head they only seem to screw halfway in without any force. Should I apply more force? Dont want to strip or break them.

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use one or two wraps of teflon tape to make them slide more easily, and then tighten them more. Pipe fittings are tapered, and are supposed to get tight, and leave a little of the threaded part visible. I think that threaded loc-tite fittings are not tapered, so you should be able to thread them in all the way. If the threaded female part is tapered, but not the male part, you could cut off some of the male threaded part to make it shorter. It's that tightness that makes the fittings water tight, so be careful.

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