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BC14 filtration

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As usual with the internet I am coming across conflicting information on filtration. I took the bio balls out of my tank because i was told they house too many nitrates. I got a protein skimmer (the oceanic one, not impressed) that i placed in the middle compartment of my BC14 along with a bit of cheato. I still left the carbon filter insert in fist compartment as i wasn't 100% sure about the skimmer.


So concerned with wanting to keep my tank clean and stable I started looking at media baskets. I'm thinking a DIY build (Stevie T is out of town for a bit) for the middle compartment. This will have me place the skimmer in the first compartment where the water flows in. In the media basket i am thinking filter floss on the top, carbon in the middle, and cheato at the bottom. I hesitate to add purigen with my tank still being relatively new. Does this sound like a better setup than having the filter cartridge (then skimmer) do most of the filtration?

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That's basically my plan on my new 14 bio. I have the filter cartridge in right now but will be removing it later today. That chamber will then have a skimmer (I'm thinking Hydor Slim Skim Nano) and the middle will be a little refuge.

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I like the oceanic skimmer but It won't work in chamber 2 as it should be submerged in water (chamber 1). I would remove the false bottom in chamber 1 and put your heater in there as well.


Also get a better than stock pump to increase your flow rate.


Check out this link for your cube:


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Been running this set up for exactly 1 year.


Chamber 1: Oceanic Skimmer, not the best on the market but gets the job done. I get a good bit of skimmate out of it..


I cut the top of the plastic between chamber 1 and 2 off for better flow


Chamber 2: On top polyfill (the stuff you fill pillows with found at Hobby Lobby or Wal-Mart) changed every 2-3 days, Cheato, DIY compact fluorescent lighting to grow Cheato (ran opposite the tank lights), and chemipure Eliteunder Cheato. No In tank media basket but I do see the benifit.


Chamber 3: Purigen and pump.


Added the Purigen and Chemi-Pure Elite after about 3-4 months of running the system. I took everything very slow though. added a new fish or coral only once every month, changed 2 gallons every 2 weeks and test parameters before every water change.

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