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If there was a XTE or XML on the orders, they didnt go out until late Friday (most of them) there are a few that got packed but didnt make it in time for the cut off so they will be out Monday Morning.

Our system doesnt update tracking numbers until about 12-1am.


Good news is, we stock the 3UPs and the XTEs now!

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OK-I'm gonna set the record straight in the even I may have caused some confusion in my order with Milad and LEDGroupBuy.com


I will be direct and to the point, after contact was made with Milad-Each and everyone item he said would happen was on the money. I had a little misinformation, and wish I had done things differently. The delivery time did take a little while longer than first expected; however at least half of that is my fault, since Milad was considerate enough to add 6 more LEDs to my order without adding shipping charges. I paid 1 shipping charge for my entire order. Not only that he has stayed in touch and made sure that if I had any questions he would do what he could to help, as well as give me a few other suggestions I hadn't even thought about. I regret I reacted a lttle rash, but can Promise I will be doing business with them again the future. :)


Best Regards,



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