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Cylinder reef vase

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I saw this vase at wallmart and thought that would make a awesome pico reef. Then i stumbled upon the pico contest so i bought it. So for not having a pico for a couple years now im back in. I still need to a couple things to the tank before i can get it wet, but it should be cycling by the middle of next week. I will post pics when i get my sd card to work on my phone.

tank- 2g cylinder vase

light-2 epistar led bulbs fixture-metal bowl supported by conduit.(still need to make)

filtration-1g Fuge with cheato with maxi-jet 400 return.

heater- i will buy one but for now i dont need one its warm enough as it is.

maintenance-Feed heavily before my weekly 100% WC

CUC-a few extra dwarf cerith snails i got from reefcleaners

LR-i have a few pounds cycling in a bucket with an airstone

LS- have some on hand need to wash.

Stocking will most likely be mostly softies and 1 or 2 lps and some sexy shrimp.

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So after some thinking i decided to make things interesting and make a overflowing pico. After i bowrow my freinds drill we will be good to go. and some pics



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The lines in the vase are glass clarity issues i guess, but i cant see them with IRL so i dosent bother me

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Ha. I'm sitting here shopping for the same kind of a vase to buld a planted pico with the same damn overflow you are showing here. this is crazy!


anyway. I found a cool set at IKEA for $15



this is going to be a fresh water planted, so i dont need any flow. was going to use AqualiFter pump to overflow the top vase from the bottom one!

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I dont think the aqua lifter will make it overflow all around the sides you need a stroger pump to break the surface tension. and i wish i had an ikea around me i had to buy mine from wallmart.

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So i was drilling my tank for the return piping and the damn thing shattered. So i have to go buy a new tank so off to wall mart

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