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Best way to remove aiptasia from this coral?

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As you can see I have a piece of aiptasia right underneath one of my candy corals head. Any ideas the best way to remove this without hurting the coral?



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razor blade. Can't hurt the already dead skeleton.

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I would pull the coral out and *carefully* use a syringe of hot tank water. Shouldn't take but a few drops to make the aiptasia drop off.


Only issue with a razor blade is that you may not get the whole thing and it could just grow back.

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Whenever I remove an aiptasia, depending on it's location, I like to cover the spot where it was with super glue to prevent any re-growth just in case you miss a tiny bit.


I like the boiling hot water and eye dropper trick. You can target a very small area. Just heat up a coffee cup of water in the microwave until it boils. Remove the coral from the tank and apply drops of scalding hot water to the offending aiptasia being careful that the hot water doesn't get on the live tissue of the coral. When you're done, remove any dead aiptasia tissue and cover the area in super glue.

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