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SPS Color Problems

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Having a problem with some of my acros that are turning brown. I still get some PE (not great) and they are growing at what I consider fast.


Some of my other SPS is doing fine but for some reason my blue tip acro and a couple others are turning quite brown.


Tank Info:


Tank: 40 breeder

Flow: Tunze 6025 x2 (modded)

Lighting: DIY Cree LED (~160w)





Salinity: 1.025

PH: 8.2

Amm: 0

Nitrite: 0

Nitrate: < 1

Phosphate: Undetectable on salifert test (~ < .03)

Calc: 440

Alk : 11

Mag: 1400


Running GFO / Activated carbon in reactor as well.


Growth isn't an issue, just having some alarming browning. Note that I have 3 frags of the same coral and they are all at different depths, all 3 browning. Wondering if anyone has some ideas.

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Pic of what the colony it was fragged off looked like



One of my frags


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looked like mine before i went back to t5's..

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They grew good but the color was bleh, I tried it for a few months but it was going in the wrong direction. You have better LEDs than I did though. My purple acro and blue stag are finally starting to come around. I planned on using a mixture of led and t5's but after a week of t5's my birdsnest's went crazy with growth and color. That was enough for me to go all t5's. For lps and softies I will run LEDs no problems.


On reef central there are lots who switched back but there are many who have good luck with them on sps tanks as well. Look at tron's and tiny's tanks. They are doing awesome with them. I think natural whites are the way to go instead of cool whites.

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