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Too blue, down to 10K or 14K?

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I'm looking to replacing the bulb in my new tank build. Fixture was bought used. I cant tell whether it's a 14K or 20K bulb, but it's very blue. Even without the actinic the tank has a distinct blue color, so I'm assuming it's either a really old 14K or a 20K. Current setup is 250Mh + 4x24w T5 actinic + about 16 LED's for night lighting.


I run a 14K phoenix on my nano tank, and I'm thinking that it will still be too blue with the actinics at the same time. I want a fairly rounded color profile. Maybe slightly more blue than yellow, but definitely not where it's at now.


Right now I'm balancing between going all the way down to an XM 10K, or going with the Phoenix 14K. Anyone running similar lighting that can comment on this.


Picture of current tank with Mh and T5 running. It's not quite this blue in person, but close.



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If the Phoenix is too blue for taste, why are you debating about getting another one? I'm a bit confused.....


The three most logical options are a 10K halide with your current T5's, or, swapping one of the actinic tubes with a 10k and staying with th Phoenix, or, finding a 14k halide on the warm end. Radium possibly?

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I'm not sure if it's too blue. I have one on my 28 which I do like, but don't have the actinics. Just not sure if the actinics are going to push it over the edge. May try the 14K and then messing with the T5's to get the right color.

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