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Which pump do you use in your MAME Overflow?

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I just can't get this thing to work correctly. I've already tried a Maxijet 900, a Sicce Syncra 1.5 and a Sicce Syncra 2.0 and it does not keep the siphon.


I'm wondering which pump you use ? Does it work correctly?



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Is it working correctly?


The most powerful that I have is the Syncra 2.0 @ 370gph at 4ft.


But I saw that some people use even a Eheim 1250, which is just 180gph at 4ft.

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Mame overflow recommend using maxi jet 1200

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I too would like to know... I currently use an ehiem 1250 which is sufficient but as soon as it get a little dirty the Mame overflow will not re-prime by itself. I've been thinking about switching to a Tunze 1073.020 which is more powerful.

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