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what to do, what to do

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just wanting some help with what lighting to go with for an lps dominated 29g biocube.


here are some ideas of lighting i have thought about.


one 24"x4 bulb ati fixture


two 24"x6 bulb ati fixture


three 24"x4 bulb ati fixture with two strips of diy royal blue cree lights was thinking (3-5) dimmable on each, one on each side of the fixture


four was thinking of doing a moc radion build inside the hood (local member did this just not in the hood of a biocube. i would copy it.) but im worried this might be to much for a lps dominated tank


please give me your thoughts opinions and advice, also a suggestion on high to hang the fixture, except the last one of course would be nice.

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For LPS, you can just do the stock lighting. Only reason to upgrade is because you want to do SPS, or just have the money to burn.

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Since your wanting to upgrade I think it is safe to say you have the Power Compact hood.

LPS dominated tank the PC's will keep it alive but growth will be slow.

The BC29 PC's suck and the options for bulbs is horrid.


The real question is do you want to lose the hood.

If you do go with the ATI 6 bulb setup. The colors will be insane with the different bulb combos and it will be more than enough to last when you go SPS... everyone does (almost)


If you want to keep the lines of the BC29 stock then I would go with the LED array retrofitted into the hood. Just make sure its dimmable so you can start low and acclimate the corals to the new light. This also sets you for SPS later if you wish.


as for height of the new fixture I would start higher and lower a bit every few days to a weel ending at 10 in above the water for the AT fixtures. Maybe lower if things are loving the light.


Either way you go the new light will be so much better than the stock PC crap.

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If you're going to go new lighting in a biocube, I think the LED retrofit from rapidled is the no brainer.

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The only way to go is with the led retro kit from rapids, Get the one that is dimmable. Won't be sorry.

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