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Eheim aquastyle 9gal setup

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Hey all, wanted to post a thread for my new and first saltwater set up. I would love to hear any suggestions/comments on anything related as I am new to the hobby and need the insight.



Eheim Aquastyle 9gal

supplied corner filter

supplied PowerLED light with 81 interconnected diodes 1200-1300 LUX at 6000-7500K.

Hydor Koralia nano movement and circulation pump FLOW RATE-240GPH

Deep Blue 50Watt heat stik



In Tank:

Real Reef rock

6 hermits

4 snails

green mushroom coral frag

green zoanthid coral frag

1 green "pod" coral. not sure of the name

1 inch or so Live sand nature's ocean big grain


First question: The last pic shows a wooden shelf I have measuring about 9 1/2 inches from the lid of the tank. For the following reasons, I want to replace the supplied light:


1) Looks. I want white and blue LED's to light up the colors of the corals

2) I have been told the supplied light from Eheim is not ideal for growing coral, I need something stronger

3) I want to keep the rimless tank clean, and suspend or mount the new fixture to the bottom of the shelf above the tank.

4) I am upgrading to a larger tank eventually and want something I can use on that tank. (I know I will have to add more when the time comes)


Recommendations on a good unit? I have been looking at the Aqua Illumination Nano, Ecotech marine Radion, etc.







Thanks guys, I enjoy this forum and I will continue to give back and contribute in any way I can as I learn and grow with this fun new hobby.

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Update on my tank as of today. picked up some new stuff, moved some stuff, have 3 new fishes next door in the QT tank. as of now just my little boxfish "PACMAN" is loving his new home, and a fire scallop. awesome fish! sump is up aswell, will take some pics of that later tonight. Aswell as my aquastyles LED's






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